Saturday, August 11, 2007


Those who know me well know that I love shoes...I have way too many and, no, I will not count them and give you an exact number. ;)

While some may argue that too many pairs are unnecessary, I must make an argument to the contrary. There are flats, heels,, pumps, slip-ons, sandals... to wear with casual attire, formal attire, semi-casual, athletic...You see my point?

But really, what I am trying to say is that shoes are so important. Remember my foot that hurt so bad that I thought it was broken because I was limping around for days? Well, I now believe that my injury was due to wearing worn out running shoes! I replaced my shoes after "the incident" and ran a looong distance yesterday with no negative repercussion to my foot. NO LIMPING!

So, you see?!? Shoes are wonderful and can make a positive contribution to your overall health. And those beauties you see up there are the pair that make me feel good.


Yesenia said...

I agree with your shoe theory, you are on to something...seriously.

What great news, glad your foot is ok and you found some fashionable sneaks that keep your feet comfy while you run. Yay for new shoes and healthy feet!

Looking forward to seeing you again.

Anonymous said...

thats why you should just stick to gym shoes...lots and lots of gym shoes. unfortunately, i think im following in your footsteps (no pun intended)...because im packing up for college, i'm trying to decided which shoes im taking and...i have a lot...i didnt realize it til now and when i told mom, she simply said, youre turning into ariana... i suppose theres a compliment in there somewhere ;)

Benjamin said...

Hey Stupit....

I am pretty sure that every running magazine or web sit explains that you need at least two pairs of running shoes, and that they should be rotated every running day. This helps maintain the life of the shoes and also helps log your miles.

Ariana said...

Hey Stupit-ER,

I have asked the Orthopedic and some other runners and they said they didn't think it was necessary and haven't heard that.

I think your source is Nike or Adidas...