Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Last night was a fun evening because I was able to go out to dinner with friends and celebrate Shawna's birthday. Remember Shawna? She's the girl who has gone running with me while she is pretty far along in her pregnancy. She is Workout Queen and has tons of energy!

On the Left is Erin, Shawna and Stephanie and moving to the right is Paige, me, and Kelly.

It was a fun time - I always enjoy time with the ladies. :) Here's a pic from the event...Not the most flattering picture of me and my new hair cut, but we can't all be photogenic, can we?


Yesenia Abreu said...

It is a great picture of you. Before I saw the picture, I thought to myself, Ariana has a new haircut. I like it, very cute. Did you get layers? The length cut? I noticed you have bangs, I really like it on you, it looks good. Is it easier to deal with since you are a mommy on the go?

Joy said...

How fun to have a girls night out! It looks like you guys had a GREAT time.

I too love the new haircut! I am all for Mommy cuts that you can dress up for a night out or just pull back during kiddo time. It looks GREAT!

Paige said...

Your hair looks great...what are you talking about. You are lucky, you can do bangs or not do bangs and still look great. Bang and me....NO WAY!!

Love ya