Monday, August 6, 2007

marissa's going away!

My baby sis Marissa is going to college soon!

She will be attending Taylor University and we are so excited for her to go to Taylor and enjoy the college experience. My brother Ben and I are also alums of Taylor.

We are going to celebrate with a going away party for Marissa and yours truly was commissioned to create the invitation.

I hear that Bonjour means "Hello", and not "Goodbye".

Guess you can tell that I took Spanish instead of French for my Language Arts credits...

**Note to my friends who are Photoshop users: I know that I can use the "blur" tool for this, but I couldn't figure it out and to save time I cheated and added a layer. ;) Lazy? I prefer to call that creative problem solving.


Yesenia said...

I cannot wait to see you and your family. This time around, we really will be there for Marissa's celebration!

Ariana said...

Yes! And Jackie will be planning to attend another event for Marissa. :)

I can't wait!