Monday, March 9, 2009

I made a tart.

(Crickets chirping...)

To follow up on my previous post, I think it's hilarious that I didn't get many comments. I do know that several people read it and called or emailed me personally thanking me for my thoughts. Those are the people that matter most to me, so that's what counts - and believe it or not, they all are in different places. I think it's a wonderful thing to share life with people that don't all have to agree with you 100%, but find common ground with you. I struggle with the "blinders" who think it's one way or the highway...
So apparently I am not good at sleeping in. Particularly with my consistent early morning wake-up Saturday morning I woke at 7:30 after "sleeping in". What to do?

Laundry, kitchen clean-up, coffee and a magazine, bake a tart...


I ordered this cool kit from my aunt who had a Pampered Chef party (can't find it online). If you like to bake you have to get it!

I used a Lemon Berry Tart from my Betty Crocker cook book. I LOVE it and use it all the time. I just find new helpful things every time I pick it up.

I used frozen berries, because that's what I had on hand.

It was pretty good...a bit runny, probably from using reduced fat cream cheese.
Happy Monday. Love to you, my friends.