Wednesday, August 1, 2007

pool time!

Sam and I visited Paige, Hunter and Shelby at the pool this evening and it was quite fun! We had a great time dipping in and it was Sam's first time in a pool. :)

As I reviewed the pics, I realized that only Paige's hand made it in the photos - not Paige herself. She was helping to take the pics...Sorry Paige! : (

Shelby tolerated Sam even though he wasn't much fun to play with - look at him grabbing her face!

Oh, and Hunter decided that we moms were not fun and made friends at the other side of the pool...he's such a boy!

Enjoy the pics and Happy Thursday!


Paige said...

You got those pics up really fast, didn't you? That is okay about not including me, the babies are more important anyway.
Shelby had fun with Sam. She can't wait for him to catch up to her a little more so they can run around together. For now, she will make do with him grabbing her face. Hunter looks really relaxed and you are right...we really didn't see much of him, did we? He is such a boy.
Thanks for letting us share Sam's first pool visit. We'll always remember it! And...thanks for the extra pictures of my babies too!
Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great time! Sam looks like a future lifeguard to me. He's got the cool look and hairstyle going!
Love, Cheryl

Yesenia said...

I see you have an Olympic swimmer in the making.

Great pictures, I really like your new hair cut and you totally are photogenic....