Friday, July 27, 2007

oh my...

There is much to update on, but I HAVE to quickly share this with you!

You have to see Sam on Christy's Blog.

Isn't she AMAZING???

Isn't he the sweetest subject? (remember my disclaimer that I am biased because I am his mom)


Yesenia Abreu said...

Those pictures of Sam are so sweet. I agree with you 1000% he is such a beautiful baby...I cant wait to show my mom and Jackie these pictures. They are going to love them.

Can I order one?

Ariana said...

Yes! I will be sending out the link to his slide show too. Let me know which one you like and I will get it!

Yesenia Abreu said...

I saw the other pictures on Christy's webpage, the pregnany and newborn pictures, they are so beautiful. She takes some pretty amazing pictures, of course she has such great, gorgeous subjects, so it makes things easier, but she sure has talent!