Thursday, July 19, 2007


You know you live in the age of information when you can find out about a friend's health on their blog over the internet. So, for those who have asked or will ask when they see me, here is my synopsis!

Christy and I are training for the Chicago Half Marathon on September 9th. We went for a long run on Saturday - 9.5 miles. My foot hurt a bit after a previous run and then at about 5 miles on Saturday I had a good pain on the side of my left foot. I managed to get through the run, but it has been irritated since. I have iced and taken ibuprofin, but still some pain (though less now then on Saturday).

I went to the Orthopedic doctor yesterday and they took an x-ray and couldn't see anything. He said it could be a small fracture that they can't see in the x-ray or it could be tendonitis. I asked what's the fastest way to figure out a treatment or to know what it is so I can continue training and he said that they could inject me with some dye and then take an x-ray. The dye would highlight a fracture if there is one. So...on Friday I am going to get injected with dye and then go back 2 hours later for an x-ray. Then I will know on Monday when I see the Ortho again. Sigh.

Monday I also went to the Dermotologist so she could check out a couple of things that I have been putting off. One of them was a discoloration or staining on my right toe. She couldn't figure out what it is, so she took a biopsy and sent it out to the Pathologist. I will get my report on Monday - she said it might be a vascular thing. So I have a stich on my right toe. No big deal...

So I will know more about what's going on with my feet on Monday. In the mean time I will be walking around in my hot wooden shoe that I got from the ortho the other day. I look like I have been in an accident or something, but it's a good reminder that I am not invincible! Ha.


Paige said...

My--your feet sure have gotten a lot of attention lately, haven't they? I hope that all is well and it is just tendonitis. I know how hard you have worked on your training.

Not-as-Newlyweds said...

Thanks for the link to your blog. :) We are praying for a GOOD report from the doctor and hoping your little piggies feel better soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ariana - I'm glad you're having the foot looked at! I'd be happy to watch Sam on Monday, if that will help. I'm driving back to Knoxville tomorrow (Friday). Hope to see you SOON! Love, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for and hope all goes well.

You really are amazing with the will power to stick with your training.

From your cheering section in Chicago,