Monday, July 16, 2007

he didn't like it...

Sam is going to take professional shots with Christy this week and I am hoping to capture some pictures with him outside in the grass - most of his shots have been inside since he was born in January. ;)

Yesterday I took him out in the yard to sit in the grass and play with him and I must say that he didn't like the feeling. His face was really unsure - he didn't cry though!

Maybe it's because our grass is dry and prickly...Hopefully we will find better grass at the UT Gardens!

Happy Monday,


Brad said...

Charis loves to play in the grass now, but she definitely didn't like it the first time! We set her down in thre grass and she started to frown and then she stuck out her lower lip and then she just started to scream. We were having family pictures taken at the time and we have a great series of pictures that the photographer caught of the whole frown to pouty lip to crying sequence (we have them in our kitchen).

Ariana said...

ha! i remember that - i guess it's normal :)