Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Quilt for My Boy

I have been moving along with projects, but sometimes I forget to share them!

One of the projects that I didn't post was Samuel's Zig Zag quilt. I was so excited to finish this project since
  1. It was on the back burner
  2. It was my first quilt ever
Here is what I showed you in January - I am so excited to have it done and I love the finished product. There are a few areas of structural weakness, but overall we did well.

I might have to make him another one for his bed when we switch to his little bed.

By the way - if I can do this, so can you! Try it out, you just might like it.


Joy said...

It looks incredible!!! Way to go!!!

Seni said...

Nice job!

I have made two quilts so far but I have never done binding. Was it hard?

Ariana said...

Hi Seni!
Binding was not bad! I did hand sew the back of it, but it just was a process of patience. ;)

Seni said...

You did an amazing job. Maybe my next quilt will have binding. I may need to stop at Quiltology for some help.