Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life with a "toddler"

So here are some decorative apples in a bowl that rest on a small table in our home. Do you see the little teeth marks?

Yes, it's part of our morning routine. Sam grabs one and walks away. I tell him to put it back because it's "no touch". Sometimes he does it on his own, sometimes I walk him back. If he's really feeling rebellious he throws it.

Hmm. Sometimes I miss the office. However, I know these little lessons should build up to something bigger. Here's to hoping.

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Seni said...

As I have become older (more mature of course and not THAT old)I have realized that being a mother is the hardest job in the world. The moments you spend with Samuel are priceless and on those days where he throws the apple, just think, he might one day be a pitcher for major league baseball. Hopefully pitching for the White Sox! Just kidding....

Love, hugs and kisses to the little guy, who becomes cuter every day.