Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another one?

I know it seems like all I do is make baby gifts, but maybe soon I can show you something else? I can't help it that everyone is having babies these days...particularly girls!

My buddy Christy is almost done with producing #3, Allesandra Elena Bonifacio. She will be arriving in the next couple of weeks and we are so excited for her arrival.

We celebrated with a shower a week ago and we had a great time eating and talking! I made Christy a nursing blankie and another diaper and wipe holder. I took a picture from a different angle this time so you can see how it works.

My SIL Becca has worked out creating straps with D-rings, which looks pretty good. Check hers out.

Anyway, things continue to be quite hectic in our house. I can share more on that later...

Happy Tuesday! xoxo


Not-as-Newlyweds said...

I love the fabric you chose for this, Ariana! What is it??

Also, it was fun to try the fabric straps and D-rings, but I think I honestly prefer the ribbon! My next one will be most likely be back with the ribbon neck. :)

Yours looks great!

Joy said...

I second the wonderful fabric!!! I really like it! Great choice!

Ariana said...

Hey Guys,
The fabric is from the good old Hobby of Lobby - They have some good stuff if you poke around!

Also, did you know Walmart at TC has their fabric all 25% off?

Seni said...

The fabric is so pretty...those colors together just look really nice.

BTW, I love the pictures on your SIL's blog! Such a cute familia.