Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Budget Busters!

My SIL Joy tagged me to write about five things that constantly bust my budget.

1.) She was right. Fabric. I am becoming a hoarder. It's really hard because it can go quickly if you don't act now!! Sometimes I get three kinds of fabric for the same gift idea. And looking at other people's creations fuels the fire.
2.) Craft books and cook books. It's that creative juice. I have figured out that many parts of life involve creation and design. Cooking and crafting are at the forefront!
3.) Patterns! Sewing patterns are really a fun for me - at least a way to use the fabric I buy, right?
4.) Shoes for Sam! I know. He doesn't need more than a couple of pairs. But they are so cute! And I just think he's so handsome when his shoes complete the look.
5.) Shoes for me. Again, no need for them all, but I LOVE SHOES!!! And, NO! I will NOT count them for your amusement.

BTW, here's your Sam update: We have crossed the point of no return on the paci and "guy". He now needs them for nap and bedtime! I am OK with this, but I intend to keep it's life short. No three year old with a pacifier here!

And the "guy"? He can stay around as long as he wants.

Happy day,

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Seni said...

Matt, if you are reading this...please close your eyes.

Ariana, next time you are in town, we have to go to the Aldo sale shop on Ashland and Milwaukee. Every time I go in, I always leave with a pair of shoes. The shoes are always an additional 30% off but sometimes they are an extra 50%off and sometimes they are buy one get one free. Who can pass up that deal?!?! We must invite Marissa as well.

Okay, now you can open your eyes Matt.

Great picture of the little guy and his paci (boubou). I think it took my parents a car trip to Vegas in order to get me to forget about mine.