Sunday, May 20, 2007


Matt says that sometimes I can be a bit paranoid of things - for instance, I lay in bed and imagine noises coming from downstairs and get scared that someone is in the house.

Now that Sam has joined us I see that Matt also has concerns - and mine have somewhat multiplied by becoming a mother.

Samuel has started to hold and touch things and particularly enjoys holding onto fabric and so I decided it was time to pull out the stuffed animal/blankie thing that his cousin Charis got him when he was born. When it's time for Sam to nap, I give him a pacifier and put this blanket in his hands.

Matt noticed this the other day and became concerned that Samuel would suffocate from putting it on his face and not being able to take it off and mentioned his concern to me. I told him that I thought it was no big deal and that he would be able to take it off of his face if he wanted to and had developed enough for it to be OK for him to have.

Fast forward to nap time Sunday morning. I put Sam down for his nap with blankie and pacifier and then left him so I could continue getting ready to go to Church.

Time for Sam to get up and eat before church. Matt asks that he get to go wake him up to eat. Pictured below is what he found and he promptly grabbed me to show me what happened.

So...I guess we were both right. It was a legitimate concern that Sam would end up with the blanket on his face. He did, but I was right. He was OK and actually slept that way for his nap.

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