Monday, May 14, 2007


Yesterday was Mother's Day and Matt and I made it to church with Sam - we were clean, showered and fed. Pretty good for us! Sam spent time in the nursery while we went to the service. Such a feat for us new parents!

After the service we went to his mom's house for Buddy's Barbeque for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon at home thinking about how we were going to straighten out our yard.

I ended the weekend stamping with my friend Jen at her house. We usually get together Sunday nights to stamp. Jen is an amazing stamper who has been published several times and we always have a good time relaxing and getting our creative juices going.

This morning Christy and I went running and were able to do about 3 miles while pushing the kids. She's the trooper - she pushed 2 big boys. Sam is just 14 lbs.

We shall see what the rest of the day brings...Happy Monday!

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