Thursday, May 24, 2007


My friend Jen has a 6 year old named Olivia and she is quite the smart and cute girl...Olivia has had a bad week! She broke her arm on a school field trip and then on top of that she had an allergic reaction to her pain medicine - poor thing!

So...I made a card for Olivia. She has a fondness for stamping and really appreciates home made cards. Olivia even gets angry when she can't join Jen and I when we stamp together! I hope she likes the card.

In other news Sam and I are keeping up with his changing sleeping needs and we are training for the Chicago Half Marathon on September 9, 2007! My friend Christy and I are training together with the boys.

As you can tell from his picture Sam is still happy go lucky - especially after he eats.


Paige said...

Shall I give you your first post? Ok, I will.
The card is adorable. You are so talented. I am glad I know have a daily glimpse into little Sam's life (oh and yours too!).
Have a good day.!


Christy said...

Love that little card!! You are truly talented at that...