Friday, October 10, 2008

My pics from Christy

As you have seen, Christy and I had a date a couple of weeks ago where we took pics of each other and also went out to dinner.

Here's the shots of me...I hope to give my blog a makeover and maybe use one of these for my profile.

Happy Friday!


Seni said...


Those are great pictures of you. You look beautiful in all of them. I love your SM heels, so very cute!

Thank you for sharing!

Seni said...

Oh and I really like your top! Tres chic!

Marissa said...

hey, thats my shirt!

Marissa said...

lol you know what i just realized? the pose of the you in front of a store with an old-fashioned dress reminds me of the way that mama stands! ha ha ha
but you look pretty in all of the pictures!