Thursday, October 9, 2008

To Seattle and Back

Boy do I have a lot to share with you!

Matt and I spent last week on our first trip ALONE together in a looong time. We flew to Seattle, Washington and had a busy week of touring, eating, hiking, eating, crossing the US/Canadian border, eating and shopping.

It was such an awesome time together and I plan to create a picture book/slide show when I sit for a bit. I have been working on getting ready for a garage sale this weekend...PURGE, PURGE!!!

So here's a sneak peek of our trip to the Northern Cascades National Park. Matt and I spent last Tuesday driving through and went for a hike...can't remember the name of the trail, but it was awesome! I will let you know the name after I talk to Matt.

Nevertheless, it was just so beautiful and relaxing for us and reminded us of our need to visit our local national park for hikes more often. I just think it's such an amazing opportunity to soak in God's beautiful creation and what an amazing opportunity for us to live in America where we can visit so many regions our our beautiful country for FREE (your annual payment to Uncle Sam not withstanding)! Don't take it for granted! We have the freedom to cross state lines and explore freely in our country...Wow.

One more thing. I was sooo excited to finally get my National Park Passport and begin documenting my trips to our National Parks!

I know. Such a dork. But I think it's cool.


Anonymous said...

can we go on a trail when we come for thanksgiving? that'd be fun!

Anonymous said...

These are great pics. You're inspiring me again. Maybe tomorrow I;ll go to one of our state parks.
Titi Lugu

Seni said...

Wow! Great pictures. I like the national parks passport, it is a very clever idea.