Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sam went to McDonalds...

We happened to celebrate Samuel's first birthday in Chicago. What did that mean? Well Mita wanted to take him to McDonald's to have a Happy Meal!

Oooh. That was hard for me! But, I said he could have the burger, a cone and only a few fries. Come on! It is his birthday, after all.

Side note: I try not to be too crazy about Sam's diet, but have you watched Super Size Me? That's a great documentary. My philosophy is to try not to eat or give Sam too much of that stuff. But I did take advantage of a Quarter Pounder with cheese, please.

Sam had a great time! He loved his burger and cone especially and wasn't too fond of the fries and loved the box. Good boy.

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Seni said...

Samuel was able to celebrate his birthday at McDonald's like we use to!!

Great pictures of him....I love the ice cream all over his face....