Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ahh. Good to be Home

I have been away in the Florida Keys the last few days...specifically in Islamorada. Matt had to be there for a photo shoot and so I joined him from Thursday evening to Tuesday. Scratch that. Friday morning to Tuesday.

You see, the trip started off pretty rough! I flew Allegiance Air, Knoxville's discount airline company. When I arrived for my 7:55 pm flight Thursday night the ticket counter reported a 4.5 hour delay. Yes, four and a half hours! Not to worry, though. They gave us $8 vouchers to eat at Ruby Tuesdays until it closed at 10 pm. Oh, but wait. The flight did not leave until 2:30 am. Arriving to Fort Lauderdale at 4:30 am. On Friday.

Matt was a trooper and picked me up and drove me approximately 2 hours back to The Keys. :)

When we arrived I was able to jump right in and assist with the photo shoot. I may have some pictures to share later! I appeared with my own husband and everything (not Matt, a Hispanic husband). All after being up all night.

So I just hung around while the rest of the photo shoot took place. Not as glamorous as it sounds, I promise! That crew was sweating all day long. It is so much work!

We did enjoy a day off and it was so awesome! Matt and I took one of the cruisers out to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park - America's first underwater park. I had never snorkeled before and we anchored and snorkeled the Coral Reef and were even able to find the Christ of the Deep statue! We took turns diving down to touch the statue. Did I say it was awesome? Yes, it was.

After swimming for a bit, we stopped and had lunch before heading back to the marina and back to work for Matt. :) It was a great day! Check out this link for a picture review of the day and a peek at the starfish we found when we anchored to take pictures with the boat.

We are back in Knoxville and so glad to be home. There is no place like it. Plus, there's a little guy here that we are quite fond of...

Happy Day to you! XOXO,


Joy said...

Welcome home! It looks and sounds like you guys had a GREAT trip! How nice to be warm for a few days!!! Weird to come home to snow flurries I am sure. ;) Can't wait to hear more about your fun trip!

Seni said...

Does Matt have a relative by the name of Bertha? I had a teacher in my class today with your last name

Ariana said...

No, don't think so. Still need to check on the May dates, right?

Seni said...

Yes please!

I am working on pictures to show Titi Lugu of my quilts, I promised her I would show her quilts without traditional binding.