Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Paige has her big 3-oh.

Saturday night I had a fondue birthday party for my best friend Paige. It was so fun to put together and enjoy all of the treats. We had 3 courses with the following fondues:

Main Course

Swiss Cheese Fondue
Cheddar Cheese and Beer Fondue

Vegetable Broth
Wild Mushroom and Leek Broth


Honey Orange

The second picture includes all the preggos in attendance. Yes. Four pregnant women feasted on fondue, including the star of the party. Christy, Paige, Kristie and Erin. The second photo includes Stephanie, Me, Paige, Kristie, Erin and Laurie. Christy is behind the camera in this one to allow me to be in the picture! Enjoy!

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Seni said...

The set up looks so elegant....I really like the top you are wearing. Sounds like it was a great 3-0!