Tuesday, October 23, 2007


<---Erin, Shawna and Claudia at the shower

Remember my friend Shawna? Well, she is almost due and we had a shower for her last week. It was fun to meet her husband and all of the people in her life that she talks about. Her baby boy, Cameron is due the week of Thanksgiving - isn't that neat?

Well, for Shawna's shower I made a fuzzy lovey blanket - same as the one I made for Sam a while back. In my scurry to get everything together I missed a step in my sewing and used Velcro instead of a snap for the pacifier holder. I try not to let those missteps get to me...but sometimes they do. That's why I sit and talk about it a week later!

Anyway, I finally have something new to share that is not Sam related - woo hoo! There is more going on than that little guy.

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Seni said...

New babies are always exciting.

I hope all is well.