Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Come and get me!

Phew. I think we are moving along with creating more computer storage space at our place. We got an external hard drive from Sam's Club on Sunday so we could back up and create space for Samuel's pictures.

In addition to creating more technical space, Matt has done an excellent job creating more play space for Sam! When we bought this place we were excited that there were two extra storage areas in the house...one of them right off of my creating room.

As of Sunday morning that space was filled with seasonal clothes, a drying rack and some other random things. Then came Sunday evening....while I was gone stamping at Jen's house I came home to a cleaned out room! The space is awesome for a little person...there are lights, a window, a heating/cooling vent and plenty of room to move around.

You see, Sam has become quite mobile. He is fast. Turn around and try to do something and he is making a bee line to the dog food bowl (his favorite) or right out of the room you are sitting in. Long gone are the days of sitting him down around his toys and leaving him there for a moment!

I took Sam up to the room yesterday to see what he thought. He loved it!! He crawled around and expected me to chase him. Then he crawled over to the book shelf that had books that he could touch! Check out his excitement. Sam's going to have a play room - and I will be able to contain him when necessary. :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Seni said...

Playrooms are always fun and I am sure he is going to have a great time in it. Being an avid reader, I am impressed he went to the books....Do you think he would want to join my book club?

Ariana said...

Sam says he would love to join your club if he can eat the books. :)

Marissa said...

SAMS CLUB?!? SAMS CLUB?!? -dont worry i wont tell mom that youre cheating on Costco.

Anonymous said...

Marissa = Hilarious!!

Rooster, you crack me up. Hope all is well at TU. Keep up the good work!


Ariana said...

You can tell mom that there is no Costco here in Knoxville...woe is me.

Christy said...

sam gets prettier everytime I see him... I'm looking forward to his nine month pics...


Benjamin said...

- Yeah, DCFS, it's me again, you know, Sam Guilford. My mom locked me in the "play room".

-Again, are you serioius?

- She is really cramping my style, mang, get me outta here!