Friday, October 12, 2007


Happy Friday!

I am so glad the weekend is here...aren't you? The Fall has finally arrived and I love the cool mornings and the sunny days. It's my FAVORITE time of year. The best!

Samuel has just finished eating some Cheerios and has gone back to sleep - babies just love Cheerios and it's so cute to see them picking them up with their little fingers and putting them in their mouths. Of course Sam likes to take them by the handful and shove them in his face, but it's still cute. :) Here he is taking a break from eating you see the one down on his shirt?

Today we are preparing for a garage sale. Wish us luck! I have been gathering and cleaning out closets this week in preparation for the sale. I have put some clothes on consignment and even had some eBay sales! I guess instead of spring cleaning it's cleaning out for the winter.

Either way it's been good to get rid of extra stuff around the house... One man's junk is another man's treasure!

Catch you soon,

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Seni said...

Cute little guy! Cute pj's!

When do children learn how to put food in their mouths? Has he been doing it for a while?

Oh please relay a message to Samuel for me, the book club selection for the month is Good Night Moon. Has he read it yet? If not, he should check it out...great pictures...never tried eating it, so I am not sure how it will taste, but the writing is out of this world.

Have a good weekend and I hope all goes well with the garage sale!