Monday, October 22, 2007

Go'in back to Indiana...Indiana here I come

Do you know that Jackson 5 tune?

We went to Indiana this weekend to meet Marissa and Ben for Taylor's Homecoming was a good time with plenty of adventure! Did some of that adventure involve Sam? Of course it did. He runs the show...

Visiting Indiana was great, though. So nice to see flat open fields of land of corn and soybean. I am not being funny! There is something beautiful about it and the sky is just so big!

We stayed at The Loft Inn, a local B&B in Fairmount, Indiana - the proud home of James Dean and Jim Davis, Garfield's creator. Interesting, huh?

Here's some pics from the weekend - I hope yours was great too!


Paige said...

It is beautiful up there. It looks like it was chilly too. Matt and Sam seem to be bundled up. I know your bro and sis enjoyed the visit.

Seni said...

Wait, you guys didn't stay with Marissa? Dorm rooms are so spacious!!!

Great pictures....thanks for sharing. I hope fall sticks around for a little longer, I am not ready for winter.

Anonymous said...

They look so handsome in their blue sweaters. Titi Hasa(Marissa) must of loved seeing Samuel.
Say hey to Matt. Hugs and kisses for Samuel.

Titi Lugu