Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Aprons

I have a friend who is opening up a children's consignment shop here in Knoxville and I am just so excited about it!

She has given me the opportunity to add in some of my sewing projects there. It's a fun opportunity to make a little bit of money (probably to continue funding my hobbies!) and be near my little Samuel.

Here is a little apron that I sewed to put into the shop - I thought it was the most adorable thing ever! The crayons just make it. Aprons seem to be the rage these days, and when sewn with the right fabrics they can be quite fashionable!

I am hoping to get to sewing more things too - maybe even clothes. There is another shop that Paige and I peeked into after our Sunday morning run and they have the most beautiful clothes in there! Ohhh...but a $300 dress? I *think* I can make that for less! We shall see...

Next weekend is the Chicago Half Marathon. Think of me Sunday morning. I will be sure to report on my results. Surely I will do better than I did last year, LOL! But how I will do, I am not sure. I will just do my best and enjoy the run...

Happy Day!


The Law Family said...

I love that little apron. That is so cute. It would be sweet for little girls and their moms to have matching aprons, wouldn't it?
Yes, put me down to order the first dress you make. I would like to order the orange one we saw in the store, please.

Christy said...

I didn't know you were running the 1/2.. now I'm jealous!!!

Seni said...

You will be in my prayers as you run the 1/2.

The apron is so cute, I love how the fabric patterns are so different yet they go together. I think your items are going to be the talk of the shop!

Seni said...

Provided training today to teachers at a couple of schools and I met an Oriana. Thought of you even though I like your name a lot better. I hope all is well.