Friday, September 26, 2008

check this out!

So Christy and I decided to take a night out for our traditional sushi dinner and we decided that we would take pictures in the Old City while while we were there...

Christy is a pro, so she snapped away...and then handed me her camera to take some photos of her. Woah did I feel like I had a gun in my hand with no knowledge of how to shoot.

Plus, how intimidating is it to have someone who is so good at what they do hand you their equipment to use? She did the settings on the camera and I shot, shot shot.

But, hey! Not so bad. Check out the others at her blog. I am quite proud if I do say so myself!

Happy Friday!!!

P.S. While you are there, check out Christy's new photo deal. I think it's SOOO awesome and absolutely worth the investment.


Joy said...

Wow! That is an incredible picture! I love the ones on Christy's blog as well! You did a GREAT job!!!

Seni said...

I agree with Christy, I think you did a great job and you have a good eye.

I hope to post my Paris pictures on my blog soon!