Monday, September 22, 2008

An evening at the park

Wow have Saturday nights changed! They are just more mellow and relaxed with a little guy around. Matt, Sam and I decided to go to the park on Saturday night and we had such a fun time appreciating the simple things...beautiful weather (highs in the 80's), lake front and a playground!

Sam is fearless on the slide and climbs right up to get made for a great evening to wind down.

Happy Monday!


Seni said...

I was at your brother's house yesterday where we saw a video of Sam about 10 months ago. I think the next time I see him, I wont recognize him. Thanks for posting pictures of Mr. Happy. He looks so tall and totally like a toddler now. His hair is so long too and he is a great combination of you and Matt.

Cute picute of you and Matt, you should post those more often.

Thanks for always sharing your life with us!

The Law Family said...

It sounds like a great night. How great is it now that Sam is big enough to play on all of the playgrounds?? I bet he is fearless on those slides. Yall should go to West Hills Elem. playground sometime. It is a great one too..and you have the all of the other smaller playgrounds along the running/walking track up to the YMCA.

Anonymous said...

Great Pics. How did you Sam to take those two pics of Mommy and Daddy? He did so well catching Daddy's expression. Love it. Titi Lugu

kathryn said...

such a beautiful family! happy monday to you, too, ariana!

Christy said...

CUTE!! Love these pics!! Isn't it funny????!?!?!