Monday, June 2, 2008

quick share

Hi All,
I will have a lot to show you after this week! Lots of things going on including sewing and stamping projects. I am under pressure to perform and I hope the results are good!

I thought I would share a few moments that Sam and I shared recently. He absolutely loves the water no matter where it's at! It puts him in a great mood. :) This is him after swim and bath time...I ran before swim class so excuse my worn appearance.

Unfortunately my photo editing software is not working at the moment so most of my recent and future pictures are presented in their unedited glory!

Happy Monday!!

1 comment:

Seni said...

He looks absolutely adorable in that first picture and is he channeling Michael in that second picture? He is such a cutie pie. I really like that last picture of the both of you, he has a good mixture of you and his Pops!

Sounds like guys are doing well and keeping busy. This summer should be fun now that he is older. My guess is that hanging out at the pool will be at the top of the list.