Thursday, June 26, 2008

Catching up.

I know it's been a while and I have gotten some flack. Here I am.

What have I been doing? Living life with a toddler and procrastinating on fixing my software issues. They are fixed now and I can share more of what I have been doing!

Back in May when I was in Chicago I dragged my sister to the south side to check out a huge fabric warehouse. She was not so excited about the whole thing and noted the flashing police cameras on the corner. I assured her that we were safe - surely we were, right?

Well that place was unreal. You definitely had to know what you were in there for or else you would get totally overwhelmed and lost! Imagine a huge warehouse with bolts of fabric from floor to ceiling - two floors, actually.

I found a few things I was looking for...One was this zebra print fabric for our t.v. room upstairs. I wanted an animal print for the sofas and this one fit the bill.

I used Amy Butler's formula for decorative pillows featured in her book Midwest Modern. I liked the pattern because they finished nicely and didn't require zippers - fewer materials, less trouble. They are envelope pillows...

One more thing...Sam and I have been enjoying the summertime here in Knoxville. Yesterday we went to the sprinkler park and here's a snapshot of our morning. He loved checking out the other kids - he is such a social little guy. :)

Happy Thursday. I'll be back.

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Seni said...

Those pillows look so good! The material looks like it has some texture to it, does it? You did a great job. I have been looking for orange pillows and I havent been able to find any. Maybe I should take a page from your book and make my own!

What a great picture of the little guy! It must be SO neat to hang out with him and see how he views the world...what a different perspective.