Friday, June 27, 2008

Paper Action

I admit that the paper crafting has not been as abundant in recent days as I have hoped for. Sometimes my creative juices have too many good intentions and not enough time to work. :)

I do have some recent creations to share, though. The first are thank you cards that I gave to the people who attended Matt's birthday party. When giving them to our guests I emphasized that they were a thank you for attending and I did not want to receive any of them as a thank you for hosting the party! They were simple to make and package and I liked the end result.

The second item is an invitation to my friend Kristie's baby shower. These also were fun to make and a bit more work. If you can see past the horrible lighting and photo, you will notice that there is some sparkle to the colored images. Does it look like a baby mobile? That is what I was going for...

Happy Friday to you. I hope that in the coming weeks I can be rid of the terrible photos and give you better images to look at!

1 comment:

Seni said...

Did Matt turn 30 this month? It is funny because I was thinking about you guys this morning and wondering what you guys did for his birthday. I know this time last year you were in town for his birthday. I love the thank you cards and the colors are great!
Great baby shower invite, I can see the are always so creative!