Monday, March 9, 2009

I made a tart.

(Crickets chirping...)

To follow up on my previous post, I think it's hilarious that I didn't get many comments. I do know that several people read it and called or emailed me personally thanking me for my thoughts. Those are the people that matter most to me, so that's what counts - and believe it or not, they all are in different places. I think it's a wonderful thing to share life with people that don't all have to agree with you 100%, but find common ground with you. I struggle with the "blinders" who think it's one way or the highway...
So apparently I am not good at sleeping in. Particularly with my consistent early morning wake-up Saturday morning I woke at 7:30 after "sleeping in". What to do?

Laundry, kitchen clean-up, coffee and a magazine, bake a tart...


I ordered this cool kit from my aunt who had a Pampered Chef party (can't find it online). If you like to bake you have to get it!

I used a Lemon Berry Tart from my Betty Crocker cook book. I LOVE it and use it all the time. I just find new helpful things every time I pick it up.

I used frozen berries, because that's what I had on hand.

It was pretty good...a bit runny, probably from using reduced fat cream cheese.
Happy Monday. Love to you, my friends.


Seni said...

Looks yummy! You always come up with great things to bake. My friend recently was married and is a vegan so she received doubles of some cookbook and sent them to me.

I made some vegan cupcakes for my former boss's bday and everyone loved them. No one knew they were vegan. I will have to bake some for you, Matt and Sam the next time you guys are in town.


Kim said...

Ariana . . . I would have posted a comment on your last post had I read it in a timely manner. Not sure you remember me or not but one of the BEST things we did was move out of "cookie cutter" East TN. Don't get me wrong. We love that area and we love our friends and family there even more. And I mean "love" in the truest sense of the word. Once we were away we were challenged in our beliefs and I found it fascinating! and God-inspired . . and may I say, SANCTIFYING...Everything in that time of our lives while we lived there was the "same" . Same church, same profession, same walk, same talk, same choice of schools . . heck. . same playgroups and same childrens consignment sales. Same. . . same cookie cutter. God forgive me! Now I live in S. Florida (still sing Rocky Top !) Was home for first 5 years of each child's life and now work. And yes, I truely am a BETTER wife and mother because of it. Why? Because I am heeding God's call to my family and because of that and because of Him, I am better equipped to be what He calls me to be. Easy? No. Sanctifying? Absolutely. Judged by others? Of, course. My judgement towards the other cookie cutters? Only by God's grace do I not.

Now, I'll step down from the ole soap box. Although the view is quite nice! Be where God has called you. I know you are. I also know you have THE BEST BABYSITTER G-MA in the world. I miss her wisdom. I miss her words. I miss her.

Kim Jewett. Palm City, FL

Kim J in S. Fl

Anonymous said...

Hey Ariana,
I forgot about your blog since we FB. I know what you mean about people trying to put their thoughts as the only way. I get that from people because I am a stay at home mom and also because I homeschool. They speak as if they feel sorry for my Homeschool student. My student is fine.

The Tart looks great.

Love you all. Hugs and kisses for Mr. Guy's friend.
Titi Lugu