Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hi All,
I don't have my official goals for the year set, but I did celebrate the coming of the new year!

I don't like setting resolutions because I think that they are somewhat forced. Goals? I like goals. One or two things that I can do or accomplish. Last year it was running a half marathon and getting a card published. My friend Jen has over exceeded her publishing goals and I was inspired to follow suit. That 2007 goal was not met, but I don't think I tried hard enough seeing that I only sent in two cards! Maybe this year...

So, let's see. I did bring in the new year with a friend that I really only got to know in 2007, but it feels like we've been friends for years!

Matt and I had dinner with Christy and her husband, Phil for New Year's Eve. Christy cooked an awesome Ziti, salad and bread for dinner and I brought some of our favorite wine and cupcakes for dessert.

Which reminds me...Two more of my favorite things!!!

Coppola Claret wine and Magnolia Vanilla Cupcakes! The wine is tasty, but those cupcakes? Made from scratch with lots of butter. In the frosting and the cake! MMMM!!!

I highly recommend the wine and the More From Magnolia Cookbook.

So back to my story...We ate dinner and vegetated on the couch for a bit. Then we managed to get down to Market Square in Knoxville to see the ball drop. Oh yes. We had a ball hung by a crane. It wasn't quite Times Square, but it was fun to say we did it!

Here's some shots from the event...Christy and I (kind of fuzzy), Christy and Phil, and Matt and I. The Knoxville Ball and a random shot of a celebrator with a cool hat are bonus material. Enjoy.

Happy New Year!



Seni said...

I totally didnt know Matt had blue eyes! Who knew....

Great shot of the guy with the fancy hat...

Happy New Year!!!

The 17th is around the corner!!!!

Christy said...

These are great Ariana!!

You write well!!


Seni said...

Love the Christmas card!!