Monday, December 3, 2007

You can always go... Downtown

Chicago has many wonderful things to offer and one of those wonderful things was Marshall Fields. No need to go into the bitter details, but Macy's sweeped in and purchased Field's a couple of years ago and to the dismay of Chicagoans decided to change the name of Marshall Fields to Macy's.

Marshall Fields is a historic piece of Chicago history, particularly the beautiful department store in downtown Chicago. Every Christmas the windows are decorated with the Nutcracker theme and holiday tradition is to go downtown to see the windows at Marshall Fields - now Macy's.

So while we were in Chicago for the week of Thanksgiving, Matt, Sam, Mom, Dad and Marissa and I drove downtown to see the windows.

We even got to see the main tree decorated by the one and only Martha Stewart - it was so pretty that we had to take pictures in front of that too.

Check out Sambo with his Titi Rooster, Mita and Grandpa. We had a lot of fun!


Seni said...

Great pictures of Sam and his family. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wow. this photographer is A-MAZING! who took these wonderful pictures?!? oh wait... me! jk well i am counting down the days til christmas! love ya!

Ariana said...

Your pictures are really good. I love the one of the clock and of Sambo~