Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Favorite Thing

I have to tell you about this new favorite thing...I have been testing it since the beginning of the year. It's wet n wild bronzer.

You see, I do try to buy quality when it matters and usually for makeup it just depends on the item. For example - I always go to the counters for my foundation. It's important to get a good match.

For a while I used Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick compact for a little glow. But when I ran out and had a moment of thriftiness I thought about what could substitute for this $38 item...

And that is where wet n wild comes in. It works pretty much the same for me (please note that it may not work for everyone who uses the Bobbi Brown compact) and at $3.99 it was worth the try.

You may want to try it too.

Happy Day,


jennifer j. s. said...

funny you're talking about make-up....I've been meaning to ask you what kind of mascara you use....I'm running out of the one I have right now & wanted to try something different/better....what do you use?

Seni said...

Sorry for the silly question, but do you apply bronzer in place of blush or does it go all over your face?

Ariana said...

To my Puerto Rican readers - isn't this hilarious we are talking about bronzers?

Jen, I use Voluminous by L'Oreal. I really like the Regular and the Natural version. I have also liked Great Lash by Maybelline and Volume Express by Maybelline.

Seni, bronzer should go were the sun usually tans you...I do a "t" on my forehead and nose, a "c" on the side of my temples and cheeks and a light on the chin and profile part of your cheeks.

I know. It's scary how much I know. But I like makeup and think it's fun. :) I have been a faithful subscriber of InStyle magazine since 1996. Not kidding.


Seni said...

You are going to have to show me that! I am clueless when it comes to make up. I am sure 15 year olds know more than me, as matter of fact, I know they do.

Oh, I love InStyle for the handbags!