Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sam, Sam, Sam

Sam before Olivia's Party

I have recently had demands for more Sam. I don't blame you...I have more than this, but I am waiting to post because we are having computer issues at our house. Actually, we are having more than computer issues. Lots of issues such as:
  • Refrigerator out of service for 1 month so far. No ice, no cold. Thank God we have an extra fridge in the garage.
  • Air conditioning out on my Isuzu along with funny extra noises.
  • Key fobber on the Maxx is out - batteries do not fix the problem.
  • Old computer is full on memory.
  • New computer is being sent back to Dell because it's broken and won't start.
  • Projector TV out for over a month (this is where we watch any TV in this you know that Fall shows are premiering this week!?!?) Sent it back to the manufacturer for the second time already.

Enough of that. Roll with the punches is my motto!

By the way, I am definitely an analytical person. Sometimes I over analyze things. So that's why I was thinking about that post that apologizes for the me, me, me...But really. Aren't blogs about what you are up to??? So I understand that in some way that didn't make sense.

The reason I blog is to give family and friends insight into what I am up to since I am not near many of you and sometimes life is so busy it's hard to tell each and every one of you about what's up in person...So, I hope you get some enjoyment out of reading and seeing the pictures of what's up in my life. I hope I have kept the me, me, me in check. But I can't help that you will run into me here! Ha.

Happy Wednesday, all!


Anonymous said...

Couldn't you just eat him up??? He is SOOOO cute!
I don't think you're blog is too much about you at all. I'm so sorry you have so many things not working. I would be sayins WAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Paige said...

He looks very old with that big boy polo shirt on! How cute.


Seni said...

When it rains, it pours...but if you look on the bright side of things, you have that cute little guy to make you smile.